4 Tips for Hispanic/Latino Pastoral Ministry in Times of Crisis

  1. Encounter Jesus
  • Reach out to your pastoral leaders and parishioners to lead prayer during the week by a video or phone call (The Rosary, Stations of the Cross, Liturgy of the Hours, Novena to our Lady of Guadalupe, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, etc.)
  • Share broadcasts of the daily Mass led by your bishop or the Holy Father
  • Schedule an online retreat (one or two hours maximum) to listen to your people and strengthen them in the Word of the Lord
  1. Accompany Others
  • Convene once-a-week video meetings where you and pastoral leaders can talk about challenges, ask questions, and give possible solutions
  • Share the readings for the day and a reflection from a trustworthy source. Invite the community to send their prayers intentions
  • Develop formation resources (written and online) for pastoral leaders, young people, and families. Share them through social media and the parish website
  1. Bear Fruit
  • Involve all pastoral leaders, parish ministries, and parishioners in addressing the most pressing needs
  • Create a ministry that addresses the needs of the community, especially the most vulnerable. Connect people, help each other, look for resources in the community
  • Participate in and share what you learn from webinars and other online resources that Catholic institutions and organizations are offering
  1. Be Missionary Disciples
  • Remember that the parish is a “field hospital”; talk with someone about your feelings, your needs; then listen to the needs of others and offer your help
  • Keep offering faith formation and leadership development virtually; be creative in providing new opportunities and don’t be afraid to explore and try new methods
  • Update your pastoral leaders and community on the current state of the parish; be honest and let others know what support is needed; involve all pastoral leaders and parishioners in taking responsibility for providing resources and best practices


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