Book Review: “Human Resources: Best Practices in Church Management” by Carol L. Fowler

The topic of human resources for any Church leader can be a daunting and intimidating subject. This is especially true as supervisors strive to strike the balance of today’s complex legal requirements with that of the Church’s social teaching and justice. Carol’s book does a superb job of providing a template that pastorally tackles these issues in a clear and concise manner. She sets the stage with references to both Sacred Scripture and Tradition that places the reader at ease that this “secular work” is indeed in alignment with the vision of Christ and the Church.

Some of the topics include:

  • The need to clearly communicate personnel policies,
  • The hiring process from job description to onboarding,
  • How to build and maintain a healthy workplace,
  • The vital role of feedback for both paid staff and volunteers;
  • The importance of recognition, compensation, and benefits.

In a time where the Church is called to move more intentionally toward transparency and co-responsibility, Human Resources: Best Practices in Church Management provides a clear and systematic starting point for any Church leader in their supervisory role of those entrusted to their care. Carol addresses both paid staff and volunteers in what must be done in justice in communicating to them the clarity of expectations, rewards, and consequences. Timely and consistent patterns of feedback are an integral aspect of any supervisory relationships with paid staff or volunteers. Carol stresses the importance of clearly developed and shared job descriptions that enhances performance in one’s mission in service to the Church.

Human Resources: Best Practices in Church Management will benefit the novice as well as the experienced leader alike as we strive to make our daily service in the Church a model for the world to emulate.