Everything Leadership Roundtable does is done in partnership. Bringing together the best and the brightest Catholic leaders from all sectors and the Church at every level facilitates candid dialogue and results in practical solutions to the leadership and management challenges facing the Church. We also work with our Philanthropic Partners, Catholic Foundations, and other funders who contribute both financial and intellectual capital to promote best practices.

Our partners include: the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, foundations, nonprofits, colleges and universities, seminaries, and business schools. Some of the partners we have worked with to develop our initiatives include: the Standards for Excellence Institute, the Center for Creative Leadership, Seton Hall University, St. Thomas More Chapel and Center at Yale University, Religious Communities, and FADICA (Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities). We are grateful to the organizations listed and to all others we work with for being partners with us to facilitate the sharing and implementation of managerial best practices in parishes and dioceses around the country.

As seen in the map below, we have been privileged to work with over 70% of the dioceses in the US as well as a multitude of individual parishes, Catholic charitable organizations, religious orders, and Catholic schools.

With our assistance, almost 20% of dioceses in the US are now on, or have begun, the journey of transforming how they do temporal management. This is built upon the 70% of dioceses that we have served over the past decade as well as the multitude of individual parishes, Catholic charitable organizations, religious orders and Catholic schools we have also served. This map is a cumulative visual representation of where Leadership Roundtable is present in various capacities in the US, beginning from our inception in 2005 through the end of 2015. For purposes of space, icons for individual programs and services are presented once in a given metropolitan area that have at least one user or participant; many areas have more than one user or participant. Please email questions about this map to info@leadershiproundtable.org.