Leadership Roundtable is committed to addressing problems when they occur. Program participants, organizational members, or program partners should first bring any grievance to the staff member responsible for the program or activity. If a staff member(s) is unable to satisfactorily resolve a complaint, the staff member(s) are expected to bring the problem to the attention of his/her immediate supervisor or the Deputy Director. If the complaint involves the immediate supervisor or the Deputy Director, the complaint may be directed directly to the Chief Executive Officer. If no satisfactory resolution is agreed upon, the staff member(s), program participant, organizational member, or partner may submit a formal, written grievance to the chief executive officer. The CEO is required to respond within two weeks of receipt. If no resolution can be made, the grieved person may submit his/her grievance in writing to the board of directors through the secretary of the board. Formal board consideration will be given by the executive committee and will be responded to within two weeks of receipt.