Catholic Leadership 360

The Catholic Leadership 360 is the most customized leadership development program in the Catholic Church in the United States. It is a feedback assessment for priests and lay ministers that is designed around proven best practices for leadership development, performance improvement, and interpersonal communication.

Highlights of the Program

  • Priests and lay ministers receive a unique opportunity to gain insight into their effectiveness as leaders in the Church.
  • Through 360-degree feedback from one’s superiors and those with whom one ministers, each participant receives a report focused on his or her leadership behaviors and one-on-one feedback coaching on how to improve and grow.
  • Participants learn how they are viewed by others. The report highlights areas of leadership, unrecognized strengths, and areas for growth.
  • Each participant creates a personal development plan to grow in their ministries and strengthen their leadership skills to reflect the life and mission of Jesus.

What is 360 Degree Feedback?

360 degree feedback is a process in which an individual receives feedback from the people who work and minister with him or her.

The Process

There is an Orientation Workshop for you and your cohort of priests and lay ministers that provides the context, goals of the program, overview of process and expectations, assessment components, guidance on selecting those to give you feedback, information on confidentiality and anonymity, as well as a question and answer session. (2 hours)

You invite feedback from a representative group of people who interact regularly with you in ministry.  A customized report is then created for you summarizing the feedback received. (2 hours)

You attend a Feedback Workshop with your fellow priests and lay ministers where you learn how to read your individual feedback report and understand the structure of the one-on-one feedback sessions. (2 hours)

A trained facilitator guides you during a One-on-One Feedback session. This facilitator helps you read through your report and identify 2-3 areas to support your ongoing development as a leader within the Church. (90 minutes)

You join the full cohort for a Development Workshop for training in how to create your personal development plan based on the feedback you received. (2 hours)

Benefits for Individuals and Groups

  • Experience an enhanced level of self-awareness and alignment.
  • Validate your own understanding of your strengths and leadership development needs.
  • Experience a motivation to change behavior.
  • Experience enhanced working relationships with others.


  • Benchmark a team’s data against a normative database.
  • Identify skill level of areas most important for success.
  • Identify a group’s strengths and areas for leadership development.
  • Facilitate discussion of past, present, and future needs.
  • Focus leadership development resources more effectively.


“Catholic Leadership 360 will allow you to even more fully bring forth the power of God’s grace given in the Sacrament of Holy Orders.” 
-Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archdiocese of Boston

“I will lead a cohort of my priests through Catholic Leadership 360, which offers the leadership development we deeply need as we prepare to begin a pastoral planning process in the diocese. Our pastoral plan will only be as good as the leaders who implement it and so Catholic Leadership 360 will play a crucial role in moving our diocese forward.”
-Bishop Mark Bartchak, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown

“The strategic plan for our Catholic schools called specifically for a 360 instrument for school principals. Catholic Leadership 360 was the perfect fit.”
-Fr. John Belmonte, SJ, Ph.D. Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Joliet


Q: How long does the program take?

A: Generally 3-4 months but we always customize the timeline to meet each group’s needs.

Q: How many people participate at a time?

A: We recommend a cohort of 20. We can take a group as large as 30 or as small as 10.

Q: How do you measure leadership?

A: We measure leadership using 13 competencies including communication, managing conflict, and managing diversity, among others.

Q: Does it work the same for ordained and laity?

A: Similar, but different. The competencies and behaviors are tailored depending on the audience.

Q: Who receives a copy of the feedback report?

A: Only the participant receives the feedback report, since the focus is on the individual’s growth, not evaluation. The participant may then choose to share the report with others.

Learn More and Get Started

For more information about how you and your diocese, seminary, religious community, or Catholic nonprofit can take advantage of the many benefits of Catholic Leadership 360, email Michael Brough, Deputy Director at Leadership Roundtable, or call 202.635.5820.