• Integrated Solutions

Integrated, powerful solutions designed by Leadership Roundtable pay attention to the interplay between what is uniquely Catholic in an organization’s culture and structure, how to be a good steward of resources, and in organizational culture and how to build the capacity of Catholic organizations to transform themselves to use best practices in their temporal affairs.

• Capacity Building

All that Leadership Roundtable does in partnership with Catholic leaders aims at capacity building through a trainthetrainer and empowerment approach. Leadership Roundtable bases its work in building the capacity of the diocese, religious order, Catholic Charities, Catholic Foundation, Catholic nonprofit or other Catholic entity to do its mission with best practices in temporal management, without dependency on Leadership Roundtable.

• Catholic Standards for Excellence

Solutions offered by Leadership Roundtable will always be congruent with the Catholic Standards for Excellence, a set of 55 best practices in Church management for Catholic parishes, dioceses and other Catholic organizations, developed from the research and practice of the Standards for Excellence Institute and adapted for Catholic entities to be consistent with Canon Law, USCCB guidelines, and Catholic teaching.