Leadership Roundtable assembles sets of resources and creates means for collaborative effort so that Catholic organizations and their leaders do not have to ‘reinvent the wheel.’ To that end, Catholic leaders can contact Leadership Roundtable to be connected with others who have already walked toward best practice in the multitude of aspects of temporal administration, leadership, and management. There are online forums, downloadable resources and access to experienced advisors.



Leadership Roundtable supports this online learning community where information, practices, and policies related to the 8 guiding principles of the Catholic Standards for Excellence (Mission and Ministry, Governance and Advisory Bodies, Conflict of Interest, Human Resources, Financial and Legal, Openness, Fundraising, Public Life and Public Policy) are shared by subject matter experts and practitioners of Church management in the Catholic Church.


Leadership Roundtable is a proud Replication Partner of the Standards for Excellence Institute®. The Roundtable is licensed to work with Catholic parishes, dioceses, and organizations to implement the Catholic Standards for Excellence® by offering written educational materials, training seminars and one-on-one technical assistance.

The Catholic Standards for Excellence code is the centerpiece of the Catholic Standards for Excellence program. The standards encourage good stewardship through the management and governance of a Catholic entity.

The standards set a high benchmark. They go beyond the minimum legal requirements of civil and canon law by outlining how a well-managed and responsibly governed Catholic entity should operate.

Through our partnership with the Institute, Leadership Roundtable provides a model for Catholic parishes, dioceses, and other Catholic entities to implement in their operating plans so they can more effectively serve the mission of the Catholic Church. Catholic entities that adhere to this model can become formally accredited under the Catholic Standards for Excellence code and earn the right to display the Seal of Excellence as a sign of their good stewardship.

Learn more about accreditation and the Seal of Excellence here: https://standardsforexcellence.org/accreditation-and-recognition/