Leadership Roundtable is hearing from many diocesan and other Church leaders that their world has shifted dramatically in almost every way. As we have have always done, we want to respond to the current needs of the Church. The following are resources for Catholic leaders during this time of crisis. If you would like to learn more about our customized services, including consulting and coaching to help you or someone you know navigate these uncertain times, please contact us here.

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Management & Leadership Resources

Leadership Roundtable offers the following resources to Catholic leaders in the midst of this unprecedented health and financial crisis in our Church and world. We draw upon our 15-year track record of rallying resources to respond to crises, as well as implementing systemic and comprehensive best practices in management and leadership for the long-term health of our faith communities.

We are currently delivering online executive leadership training for bishops and senior diocesan leaders to lead the response to the COVID-19 crisis. To learn more, contact Deputy Director Michael Brough. Topics include:

  • Forming a COVID-19 task force with appropriate leaders and focus
  • Managing the new financial reality facing parishes and schools
  • Moving to online fundraising
  • Communicating strategically in a time of crisis
  • Supporting pastors and pastoral leaders in a time of crisis
  • Preparing pastoral leaders for digital ministry
  • Making mission-critical decisions about parishes in light of the new reality

We stand ready to offer custom consulting and individual coaching for senior Catholic leaders serving in dioceses, seminaries, religious orders, and other Catholic institutions. Please contact Program Manager Peter Denio.

We also draw your attention to the #IGiveCatholic Together website that enables dioceses, parishes, and schools to easily move their fundraising online. Click one of the dioceses listed on this page for an example and contact Julie Kenny to get started.

Below are some initial downloadable resources for Catholic leaders to use and share. More topics will be added in the future.

Pastoral Resources

While Leadership Roundtable focuses on management and leadership, in this time of crisis we also offer the following pastoral resources for parishes, dioceses, and other Catholic entities who need support.

Our friends and partners at Saint Thomas More Catholic Chapel & Center at Yale University are live-streaming Mass every Sunday at 10am EST. You can watch the Mass here. If your parish does not have the capacity to livestream its own Masses, we encourage you to avail yourself of the high quality videography, homiletics, and music at Saint Thomas More Chapel while also being attentive to supporting your own local archdiocesan offerings where available.

Should you wish to livestream your own Masses or other events, OCP has granted free permission to stream their music through a certain time period of the pandemic, as well as offered a tutorial for how to livestream here. You can then add yours to this crowd-sourced national listing of Catholic Masses that are being live-streamed.

Government Resources

While the information is evolving on a daily basis, Leadership Roundtable has found that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is one of the best places for consolidated information on the government’s resources available to nonprofits, particularly the Paycheck Protection Program. More details on the Paycheck Protection Program may also be found at the U.S. Small Business Administration. It should be noted that the USCCB has made it clear that Catholic parishes and other faith-based entities may apply for loans under the CARES Act. For details, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration FAQs for faith-based organizations here.

Need more resources or support? We’re here for you. Let us know what you need and we’ll help you or find someone who can. Contact us here.