Dioceses, parishes, and Catholic nonprofits must comply with the Church’s own canon law, as well as applicable local, state, and federal laws. The Catholic Standards for Excellence build upon that foundation and go a step further. These standards are intended to describe how the most well-managed and responsibly-governed dioceses, parishes, and Catholic nonprofits operate. They provide a series of benchmarks to help Catholic leaders align their organizations with best practices in temporal affairs. Moreover, the ensure a Catholic entity is fulfilling its obligations to those who benefit from ministry programs, to donors, and to the public, both inside and outside the Church.

Topics include:

  • Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Evaluation
  • Pastoral Leadership: Pastoral, Advisory Councils, Staff, and Volunteers
  • Legal Compliance and Ethics
  • Finance and Operations
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Public Life, Engagement, and Advocacy

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