The roadmaps designed in partnership between Leadership Roundtable and Catholic leaders are developed during an insight development process called Gateway Consulting. This powerful process is the gateway to adopting well-researched standards of practice in the temporal management of the mission of the Catholic Church.


Roadmapping is setting out in sequenced, pragmatic, project management language, the elements of action the Catholic organization commits to completing in order to achieve their stated goals. It includes timeframes, specific accountability and the resources needed. No individual program or service creates real and lasting change. It takes a whole system view, clarity of purpose, and vision as well as a pragmatic, manageable set of action steps that may involve programs, services and other elements to create real transformative best practice in Catholic entities.


Leadership Roundtable builds the capacity of the Catholic Church in the United States by partnering with Catholic dioceses, organizations, and networks to train “inhouse” facilitators to teach the principles and processes necessary for full implementation of the 55 best church management practices found in the Catholic Standards for Excellence. Facilitators are given an array of tools, training materials, resources, and techniques during the training.


Catholic Leadership 360 is a custom feedback assessment for priests and lay ministers which is designed around proven best practices for leadership development, performance improvement, and interpersonal communication.


Leadership Roundtable, in partnership with dioceses, seminaries and houses of formation provides a formational experience for clergy and lay ecclesial ministers that covers the management of parishes and other pastoral organizations. It is based in research involving veteran pastors and others and is taught by experienced practitioners who know not just their content area (finance, HR, management, planning, etc.), but also the dynamics and life of the Catholic Church.


Developing the next generation of Catholic leaders who are committed to best practice is central to the mission of the Leadership Roundtable. The ESTEEM program (Engaging Students to Enliven the Ecclesial Mission) is one example of that, wherein a partnership between the St. Thomas More Catholic Chapel and Center at Yale University and Leadership Roundtable give the Church a powerful tool for developing the capacity of college students to take leadership roles in their parishes after they graduate.