Whistleblower Statement

Leadership Roundtable seeks to safeguard and protect all of its resources. If you have information about known or suspected financial improprieties or misuse of the organization’s resources, please contact Michael Brough, Deputy Director of Leadership Roundtable, at 202-635-5820 or

A few examples of fraudulent conduct or impropriety include:
• Forgery or alteration of documents;
• Pursuit of a benefit or advantage in violation of the Leadership Roundtable’s conflict of interest policy;
• Misappropriation or misuse of organization’s resources, such as funds, supplies, or other assets;
• Abuse or inappropriate activity with a program participant;
• Authorizing or receiving compensation for goods not received, services not performed or hours not worked; and
• Fraudulent financial reporting.

Michael Brough will then notify the CEO of Leadership Roundtable to investigate the claim. In the event that the allegations involve the CEO, the Board Chair will be notified. The sources of reports about financial improprieties or misuses of Leadership Roundtable’s resources will be held in confidence unless the individual who reports the situation agrees to reveal his or her identity or the report leads to legal actions and a court order for information regarding the case.