What’s your vision for the Church and its people?

Maybe you want to help your fellow Catholics recognize and share their gifts to create a vibrant parish community. Perhaps you want to create a better financial future to ensure your service ministries thrive or help your leadership teams learn new skills to better serve a new generation of Catholics in your area.

Whatever your vision, Leadership Roundtable is here to partner with you to make it happen. Catholic leaders like you are working locally – around the globe – to build community, share the faith, and solve some of the most pressing social challenges of our time. We want to support the inspiring work you are doing.

We offer management and leadership solutions so you can be the Catholic leader your community needs you to be. Explore our services, sign up for monthly tips from our Catholic Leaders Newsletter, register for an upcoming program, or consider investing in our mission to support pastoral leaders with best practices.

You’ll be in good company. Pope Francis has a big vision for the Church, too. He recognizes that every one of us is called by Christ to serve. Our Church and world need all hands on deck! Pope Francis also recognizes that good management is necessary if we’re going to get our gospel work done. He has prioritized managerial reform to help Church leaders address the most pressing challenges of our time. We join Pope Francis in his mission and hope you will, too.

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The Church and world needs Catholic leaders like you. Let’s get started!