who_we_are_chair_headshotSince our 2005 founding, Leadership Roundtable has maintained a laser focus on its mission: to promote excellence and best practices in the management, finances, and human resource development of the Catholic Church in the U.S. by greater incorporation of the expertise of the laity.

In anticipation of our second decade of service, the board and staff undertook a comprehensive strategic review, conducting interviews and surveys with members of all of our constituencies. Our goal was to evaluate our achievements, assess the quality of our service, scan the landscape for opportunities, and to strengthen our capability.

To all who participated with valuable feedback, we are grateful. This helped us affirm the importance and urgency of our mission, articulate with fresh language our vision, recommit to our guiding principles, carry forward our dual strategy and create a new strategic plan.

The happy problem we face as we embark on our second decade is an exponential increase in demand for the programs and services we offer. To help us meet this demand we have expanded our philanthropic partnership to include prominent philanthropists from across the country. We were very honored to convene many of our partners for a rich and candid conversation with Cardinal Sean O’Malley in Boston discussing our mission.

We are confident of a future where we harness the considerable managerial talent of laity to strengthen the Church’s mission. We look forward to working with you in this noble and effective pursuit.


Sincerely, Lt. Gen (Ret.) James Dubik
Chair, Leadership Roundtable


Welcome to our new website. In gathering the content for this site we reflected on how far Leadership Roundtable and the Church in the U.S. have come in the past 11 years. The story of our organization’s creation and subsequent years of tenacious, focused, magnanimous service and evolution is a powerful and inspiring one. Serving as the founding executive director alongside an impeccably astute and generous board of trustees and staff has been a great blessing. I hope that all members of Leadership Roundtable family appreciate what an important and positive difference in the life of the Church Leadership Roundtable has signified.

Vivid memories of our founding returned with the release of Spotlight, the superbly produced film about the investigative reporting unit of the Boston Globe that made public the devastating sexual abuse scandal in the Archdiocese of Boston. I thought about the time period following the Globe’s coverage and about the people who responded, at great personal sacrifice, in order to be part of the solution, to help the Church make recompense, to put measures in place so that this could and would never happen again.

More than a decade has passed and we have an unprecedented demand for our service from Church leaders. We have earned trust and confidence and are understood to be the faithful, effective, solution-oriented and entrepreneurial resource we always aspired to be. Among the highlights of the past year was to celebrate our 10th anniversary and our 12th national convening with a joint symposium on Hispanic Leadership and Philanthropy with FADICA (Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities), the Mexican American Catholic College, and the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. The proceedings were recorded and a list of recommendations from participants was compiled to serve as a blueprint for action. The year also saw a radical expansion of our Toolbox for Pastoral Management, with seven retreats across the country planned for the coming year.

Leadership Roundtable looks to the future with hope. For more than a decade we have served the Church by strengthening managerial and financial practices at the local, diocesan and national levels. Exemplary management matters because it safeguards pastoral excellence, which is essential to evangelization.

As we embark upon a new period of faith-filled service to the Church, we are wholeheartedly thankful for the prayers, encouragement, financial support, partnership, advocacy and dedication of ordained, religious and lay leaders across the country, and in Rome!



Sincerely, Kerry Robinson
Executive Director, Leadership Roundtable