Ailsa Skuodas


Ailsa Skuodas is the first Leadership Roundtable Fellow. She comes from a background in engineering and renewable energy and, as a young professional, is looking to develop a broad skill set of best practices in management and leadership to take forward into her career, as well as serve the Church.

Previously, Ailsa was a Project Manager at Community Energy Scotland, a nonprofit committed to supporting communities in Scotland with renewable energy projects. These projects primarily focused on energy storage in an area of limited grid capacity, looking to maximize renewable energy generation for maximum local benefit to the community. Funded by the EU, UK, Scottish and local governments, they involved multiple partner collaboration, complex budgets, and cutting edge technology. Prior to this, she also gained project experience working for EDPR UK developing an offshore wind farm, focusing on the substructures that secure the wind turbines to the sea bed, as well as fabrication, logistics, marine operations, and maintenance.

Ailsa received her MEng in Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy at The University of Edinburgh.

About Leadership Roundtable
Leadership Roundtable is dedicated to promoting excellence and best practices in the management, finances and human resource development of the Catholic Church in the U.S.  Leadership Roundtable exists to strengthen the temporal affairs of the Church by harnessing the expertise and resources of Catholic senior-level executives from all sectors (including the financial, corporate, governmental, philanthropic, charitable, judicial and educational) in service to the Church.

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