Who We Are

Leadership Roundtable is an organization of laity,
and clergy working together to promote
best practices and accountability in the management,
finances, communications, and human resource
development of the Catholic Church in the U.S.,
including greater incorporation of the expertise
of the laity.

We are a Catholic 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
that brings
together leaders from the worlds of
business, finance, academia, philanthropy,
nonprofit organizations, and the Church, to serve
the Catholic Church.

Leadership Roundtable serves the Church through
our programs, our collection of best practices,
and our consultancy services,
which have assisted archdioceses, dioceses,
and religious communities across the country.

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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

In partnership with lay, ordained, and religious leaders and organizations across all sectors of the Catholic community in the United States and Rome, Leadership Roundtable seeks to elevate and implement best practices in management and leadership to establish a culture of co-responsible, servant leadership for a healthy, thriving Church in the U.S.

Leadership Roundtable envisions a Catholic Church that has: 

  • Established public performance standards in key areas of management, finance, human resources, and communications
  • Accepted a variety of internal and external evaluative means to ensure the established performance standards are measured and met
  • Established a methodology for developing the next generation of leaders, lay and ordained, whereby those selected for key leadership and management positions have the professional skills to succeed

Leadership Roundtable is composed of faithful Catholics, called by the Holy Spirit and faithful to the Church, who put themselves at her service. We value:

  • Transparency
  • Co-responsibility
  • Accountability
  1. Collaborating and partnering with all U.S. Bishops and all Church leaders—lay, ordained, and religious—Leadership Roundtable promotes dialogue and fosters full utilization of the unique gifts of lay experts in the multiple aspects of stewardship: leadership, management, finance, communications, and human resources.
  2. Identifying best practices in the multiple aspects of stewardship—management, finance, communications, and human resources—Leadership Roundtable works to help address specific needs within the Church. Then, working together with all partners, it helps fulfill the Church’s mission by promoting, adapting, and applying these best practices.
  3. Using its convening power and desire to partner, Leadership Roundtable provides an avenue for the laity to exercise their Baptismal duties and incorporate their expertise into the daily life of the Church, thus serving the Catholic Church in the United States.


Leadership Roundtable is committed to the same transparency and operational accountability that we promote within the Church.

Click to view our financial statements, read our most recent annual reports, and view our policies for maintaining transparency throughout our organization and its operations.