Crisis Response Resources

Leadership Roundtable has assembled several sets of resources to support Catholic leaders who encounter and seek guidance when responding to crises, particularly the recent crises of abuse and leadership failures, the global pandemic, and financial mismanagement.

Additionally, we are happy to connect you with others who have already gone through formation in best practices for administration, leadership, and management.

Resources for responding to the twin crises of abuse and leadership failure

Since 2002, the Catholic Church has faced the crisis of abuse. In 2018, the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report brought to light a second, twin crisis of leadership failure in response to abuse. Leadership Roundtable has compiled the following resources for parishes, dioceses, and Catholic organizations as they respond to and move forward from these twin crises.

Resources for responding to global crisis

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Leadership Roundtable curated the following resources for Catholic leaders when faced with a crisis similar to the pandemic. These resources will help your parish, diocese, or Catholic organization lead through a crisis, as well as implement best practices for the long-term health of your faith community.

Resources for responding to financial crisis

There is enormous potential to strengthen the Church’s financial practices and a moral urgency to undertake such work. We compiled the following resources for parish and diocesan leaders, as well as leaders of Catholic organizations, to strengthen their financial management and transparency.

Need more resources or support? We’re here for you.