On the ground, Catholic pastors are leaders who must fulfill a wide range of roles for their parishioners. Today’s pastor

Patrick Stokely’s Full Bio

Deacon Patrick Stokely is a Senior Program Manager at Leadership Roundtable delivering the full suite of leadership formation programs and

Andrea Blanco’s Full Bio

Andrea Blanco serves as Program Manager leading the leadership formation program, the Latino Pastoral Leaders Initiative, at Leadership Roundtable serving

Peter Denio’s Full Bio

Peter Denio serves as Program Manager for Leadership Roundtable, facilitating leadership formation programs and providing overall administration of several of

Lisa Metcalfe’s Full Bio

Lisa Metcalfe serves as Director of Services and Programs for Leadership Roundtable, leading staff in delivering our comprehensive leadership development

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Kim Smolik, Ed.D, serves as an Executive Partner of Leadership Roundtable. Kim founded the Nonprofit Servant Leadership Program that offers