Pastoral Formation in the Archdiocese of Hartford

As of today, 95% of active priests in the Archdiocese of Hartford have completed a Toolbox for Pastoral Management, thanks to the support of The Hartford Bishops’ Foundation. 

Several attendees expressed gratitude and satisfaction immediately following attending the most recent Advanced Toolbox — hosted in the Archdiocese this month — which gave attendees a deeper dive into pastoral leadership. 

Fr. Christopher Ford serves as Chancellor of the Archdiocese and Pastor of St. Peter Claver Parish in West Hartford and took part in the multi-day Advanced Toolbox. Fr. Ford shared that he was initially skeptical that, after 35 years in pastoral ministry, he would get much benefit out of the program. 

“I was — I’m happy to say — very wrong. I learned a great deal and look forward to implementing much that I learned,” he said. “I wish there was a pastor’s Toolbox for me 35 years ago!”

With input from senior diocesan leaders, Leadership Roundtable developed the Advanced Toolbox program to help experienced pastors hone important skills including negotiation and conflict management, financial stewardship, collaboration, and delegation. 

“Having worked with Leadership Roundtable to deliver past Toolboxes to our pastoral staff, we wanted something that would speak to the needs of our veteran pastors,” said Msgr. Jim Shanley, vicar for clergy in the Archdiocese. “The Advanced Toolbox was exactly what we needed, and gave even our most experienced pastors critical skills they can take back and implement immediately in their ministry.” 

Leadership Roundtable has worked closely with the Archdiocese and its supporting institutions. In addition to the Advanced Toolbox, we facilitated a day of formation for more than 50 pastors and parochial vicars in the Archdiocese earlier in the year. And we worked recently with The Hartford Bishops’ Foundation on a strategic planning initiative as it invests in the Archdioceses’ parishes, schools, ministries, and services. 


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