Ongoing Leadership Formation

In addition to welcoming and including those of diverse cultural backgrounds in the life and leadership of the Church, the National Synthesis of the People of God in the United States of America for the Diocesan Phase of the 2021-2023 Synod published by the USCCB in 2022 also identified “Ongoing Formation for Mission” as one of the core themes that emerged from the synodal consultations with more than 700,000 Catholics in the U.S. 

The formation of lay leaders in the Church is essential, said Bishop Vásquez. 

“We have invested a great deal of energy, resources for priests, clergy, and deacons to be well prepared to serve the people of God, but we have not always done a great job in supporting our laity, and it’s so important to have well-formed leaders,” he said. 

Leadership Roundtable’s investment in the Latino Pastoral Leaders Initiative and our other programs demonstrates our commitment to assisting pastoral leaders’ lifelong leadership formation needs, including serving Hispanic/Latino Catholics in the U.S. Church. 

“Sometimes as lay people, we wonder where we have permission to serve, but a big grace from this program was that the Lord is always inviting us to lead and that he is inviting us to lead as lay people,” said Jocelyn Perez, a participant in the Diocese of Austin and young adult campus minister serving the University of Texas-Austin University Catholic Center. 

“The mission calls us to be united, to walk together, and with these resources, we can do that. We can be more united in Christ and do ministry for others in the right way,” said Norma Vélez de Garcia, a participant in St. Augustine and coordinator of Multicultural Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the diocese. 

The Initiative not only benefits participants in their ministerial roles, but beyond, in their communities and professional lives. Judy Morales-Steinheimer, a participant in the Diocese of Austin and City Councilmember for the City of Temple, TX, realized that, as a leader, there is more she can do and greater impact and involvement she wants to have both in the Church and her community. The formation she received in the Latino Pastoral Leaders Initiative helped her to overcome fears and hesitations as a leader, and she is now working to help identify and form youth leaders at her parish and leads prayer at city council meetings. 

“Being part of the Latino Pastoral Leaders Initiative has encouraged me to continue to do outreach in my community, knowing that the Holy Spirit will guide me and protect all our works,” she said.

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