5 Tips for Parish Financial Management in Times of Crisis for Catholic Leaders


  1. Convene your parish finance council
  • Review the current budget year-to-date and actuals with a sense of urgency
  • Produce projections for the weeks and months ahead
  • Triage your payables, keeping support of ministries as priorities
  • Write down a plan of action and update it on a regular basis
  1. Contact your diocesan finance office
  • Provide your diocese with full information on your financial situation, including projections
  • Activate robust online giving options, such as #IGiveCatholic Together in which many dioceses participate
  • Access support services provided by your diocese and information on government assistance like the Payroll Protection Plan as a way to retain current staff
  1. Communicate the plan with the heart of a servant-leader
  • Communicate that transparency is key to the situation and actions taken to date
  • Emphasize that accountability for leading through this crisis is a shared responsibility
  • Engage members of the finance council and pastoral council as ambassadors to communicate decisions to parishioners
  • Reinforce that this work is all about the mission and ministry of the parish and especially outreach to the most vulnerable
  1. Implement the plan with a sense of confidence
  • Ask your parishioners to continue contributing online or by mail
  • Proactively contact suppliers and negotiate deferred payments that reflect your cash flow
  • Track the financial impact daily and modify the plan as new information emerges
  1. Express gratitude and appreciation
  • Communicate the “wins” and “shortfalls” honestly
  • Remind parishioners that their financial support allows the mission to continue 

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