5 Tips for Pastoral Ministry Teams in Times of Crisis for Catholic Leaders


  1. Pray
  • Invite your team to pray on a regular basis as you come together for work purposes, whether online or by phone
  • Ensure everyone’s participation to create a sense of belonging
  • Pray for those directly impacted by COVID-19, healthcare and other essential workers, and those who have died
  1. Provide Pastoral Care
  • Encourage your team to continue their own spiritual practices
  • Make sure to offer pastoral care to your team and to all those entrusted to your ministry and ask how someone is doing before entering into a work topic
  • Invite team members to express what they might need from each other
  • Invite team members to share and acknowledge what they may be afraid of losing as a result of the crisis
  • Find small ways to connect with individuals on your team to affirm what they are doing particularly well during this time
  1. Make Plans
  • Step into your leadership role by setting a vision, rather than just reacting
  • Ask yourself and your team, what can we achieve in our mission in light of these new circumstances?; what needs to start, stop, or continue?
  • Implement your pastoral plans and evaluate them on a weekly or monthly basis in light of changing circumstances
  1. Overcommunicate
  • Ensure consistent communications with your team, weekly if not more frequently
  • Provide accurate and honest information, whether positive or negative
  1. Take Care of Yourself and Your Team
  • Acknowledge that you cannot lead without first taking care of yourself
  • Be mindful to schedule self-care moments in your daily routine
  • Encourage your team to do the same, and to be a support to one another


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