Whole-Brain Thinking in Leadership

The ability to analyze issues using both left-brained and right-brained thinking is crucial for exceptional strategic thinking. Although our culture tends to favor the rational, left-brained approach, numerous studies indicate that whole-brain thinking leads to improved decision-making.

Incorporate right-brain activities into planning sessions, problem-solving, and team development for a more balanced approach. These may include:

  1. Storytelling – This technique creates an emotional connection to information, offering a path to understanding that the right brain relishes while the left brain disengages. NASA utilizes storytelling in its knowledge management initiatives, and 3M provides its top executives with storytelling lessons (Source).
  2. Visuals – The right brain is drawn to intriguing visuals, allowing us to learn more quickly and establish new associations compared to using words alone.
  3. Metaphors – Experiment with creative metaphors to describe current challenges or opportunities.
  4. Meditation – Initiate meetings with a brief meditation to engage both hemispheres of the brain.

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