5 Tips for Communications in Times of Crisis for Catholic Leaders

  1. Follow your Crisis Communications Plan
  • Dust off your crisis communications plan and put it to use, starting with calling your crisis communications team members together (Don’t have a crisis communications plan? Here is a sample for small parishes or Catholic organizations to get you started).
  1. Lead with Pastoral Concerns
  • Keep those affected by the pandemic at the beginning of your communications
  • Keep all those entrusted to your care in your communications
  • Mention spiritual and social resources available to those in your community, whether you provide these or direct people to local resources
  1. Be Consistent
  • Set up a regular communications schedule
  • Be consistent in what you share with different groups at different times
  • Allow yourself to say “I don’t know” if you don’t know the answer to something
  1. Be Transparent and Accountable
  • Share what you know, when you know it, as long as it is appropriate
  • Take responsibility for problems; provide solutions
  • Know that if you are transparent and accountable now, it can strengthen relationships and restore trust over time
  1. Let Your Faith Shine Through
  • Communicate through the Christian tradition, drawing upon scripture and symbols with which people are familiar in order to convey meaning, comfort, and hope
  • Follow in Christ’s footsteps of servant leadership: revealing your own human vulnerability and emotions can be a sign of strength and provide permission for others to do the same
  • Start with prayer and place your trust in God to help you communicate

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