Kerry Robinson joins the All-Africa Conference: Sister to Sister

Our Executive Partner, Kerry Robinson, recently spoke about leadership, sustainability, and fundraising at the All-Africa Conference: Sister to Sister convening in the beautiful country of Malawi, where the first gathering was held 20 years ago. 

Sister to Sister supports educational programs for women religious in sub-Saharan Africa who are caregivers to the HIV/AIDS community and those challenged by extreme poverty. Through specialized training and spiritual practice, Sisters empower one another to collaborate on programs that prevent the spread of AIDS, and lessen the impact of extreme poverty on family and community life. Sister to Sister also educates people in the U.S. about AIDS in Africa as one of the diseases of poverty, and the healing mission of the global Catholic Church.

Sister to Sister has improved the lives of over a half-million people in six sub-Saharan nations: Cameroon, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Sisters from all six of these nations gathered together for this special event. Thank you, sisters, for your beautiful ministries! 


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Originally published in Leadership Roundtable’s May 2022 newsletter.

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